Profile – Bridget Onotu Orovwuje

Profile – Bridget Onotu Orovwuje

Let’s start with a quick poll before we jump into the crux of this blog post.

In this edition of Career Profiling, we are going in a different direction focusing on physical wellbeing. If you cast your mind back to November 2017, we had an event titled Financial & Physical Wellbeing and Tinga Vitalis Okoth, one of the speakers encouraged the attendees to be aware of their physical wellbeing.

Being black myself, I think it is fair to say we are not the most health conscious people (I could be wrong) and this is probably a cultural issue as we don’t place lots of importance on health with other priorities such as work, childcare, family time, church/mosque etc. competing for our time, we struggle to justify creating time for physical exercise.

However, we recently came across Bridget, a working mum of two who just completed a 10k race and we were excited to catch up with her and hear her story so we can share with you in the hope of motivating/challenging you.

—Interview Begins—

So, tell us a bit about Bridget:

Bridget here, married to the most amazing man that I know, blessed with gorgeous babies, even if I say so myself…I am your typical Aries, extroverted, opinionated, happy go lucky girl who gets bored easily. I enjoy my own space, laugh at my own jokes and mostly independent. 

Cover Girl

Have you always been an active person?

I think it’s more that I am hyperactive and sort of need an outlet to burn my energy. Whatever activity I do has to be fun for me otherwise I get bored, so it used to be dancing, aerobics etc.

7am Run Round Arthur’s Seat

How did you hear about the race?

Earlier in the year, I set up a group on WhatsApp with a few friends, where we positively encourage one another to be the best version of ourselves. One of the things we do is push one another to be physically active and accountable by sharing post-workout pictures as evidence. Earlier in the year, one of the girls suggested we do the Race for Life as a friend of hers had recently lost her mom to cancer so I agreed to do it. Said friend signed us up and I had to start training, it is worth pointing out at this point that I had never ran in my life and actually found people who did weird.

What inspired you to take part in this race?

Earlier in the year when a sweet angel who taught me what true strength was like went to heaven, I thought about taking part in a race in her honour but then life happened and I didn’t. Fortunately, when a friend suggested Race for Lifenaturally I jumped at the opportunity and began training. I didn’t think I would enjoy it but strangely enough I did.

Race for Life

Before the race, have you ever wanted to be more active? If so, what has been stopping you?

Yes, it has always been a personal desire to be fit, strong and healthy. But fitness is psychological and it took a lot of self-motivation to actually start doing something about my fitness and health 2 years after baby number 2. 

How did you train for the race? Did you get much Support from your family?

I sought advice from avid runners who were friends and colleagues and got some really useful tips about how to warm up before a run, run safely and stretch post run etc.

The Couch to 5k app was truly helpful (mostly for the first 2 weeks of training and then it felt too slow for me) for self-coaching on how to build up the resistance to run 5k in   30mins over a 9-week period (you will typically find you can do that by week 3 of training 3 times a week).

My main challenge was being a working mum, it was almost impossible to find 30mins to go for a run thrice weekly but I am grateful as my Hubby was very encouraging and I was also able to fit my training sessions at the gym around my lunch break at work.

After 10k Training

What was your finish time?

I completed my first  event, which was the 5k category of Race for Life in approximately 25mins. I then went on to complete the Musselburgh Festival 10k in 55:57mins! I was pleasantly surprised as I wound have been happy to complete the race in an hour and 10mins.

10k Race

What advise do you have for those wanting to get active?

As Nike says “Just Do it” guess I realised I needed to be fit and healthy more than I needed Nurofen.

Would you do it again?

Absolutely! I am hoping to register for the Scottish Half Marathon in September, I think that will be the longest race I will ever do. I am quite happy to stick to 10k regularly and occasionally run longer lengths.


Final words…

I realised fitness, being active and healthy living is a lifestyle not a short term FAD diet, so while I try to stick to a healthy diet (very important), a decent sleep goal and a fairly active lifestyle, I also will be that girl you will find eating like a maniac at events but you know that’s what events are for 🙂

Did not know running was my thing until I tried and loved it. I can’t put a price on my 30mins of solitude, fresh air, me time, building endurance and burning calories while I’m at it. You take in so much oxygen when running that you feel energetic after a run, I think Hubby low-key prefers my mood after a run so he doesn’t really mind me taking my grumpiness out on the tarmac 🙂

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—Interview Ends—

In order to get you started, we will leave you with some actions and here they are:

A.      Start an easy exercise routine, maybe once a week

B.      Eat consciously – pay attention to what you eat

C.      Be accountable – have someone monitor your progress

D.      For motivation, get your family/close friends involved

E.       Celebrate successes and milestones

F.       START NOW!

We’d love to read your comments and feedback so feel free to drop some comments in the section below.


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