Spotlight on…Alieu Touray

Spotlight on…Alieu Touray

Welcome to another edition of Spotlight on…. In this edition, the spotlight is on Alieu Touray. Alieu has taken an unusual route into the biggest Asset Management company in the UK and we were keen to catch up with him and hear some of his stories. Enoch went to meet him.

So, tell us about yourself.

My name is Alieu Touray. I’m originally from the Gambia and moved to Scotland in 2014. I attended Queensferry Community High School, then studied development in college before doing my HNC in Business Management.

Tell us about your current role

I currently work as an Internal Audit trainee for Standard Life Aberdeen. Alongside my full-time job, I’m working towards my Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment qualification, SVQ level 6 In Business Admin, and studying Data Science and Analytics.

How did you get an Apprenticeship?

Whilst I was at college, I heard about the Investment 2020 Programme from a lecturer, so I decided to find out more. After checking the job description, I noticed that it matched perfectly with my intentions of working and studying.

After applying for the program, I had a telephone interview, then I was invited to an assessment center. The assessment center was very stressful due to the fact that I had never been to one before. The following week, I was offered a position.

Describe an average day as an apprentice.

My day starts at 9 am. I try to arrive 30 minutes early in order to reply to emails, update my calendar, and complete any outstanding work. From there I usually have a team meeting to keep up to date with the team. During the day, I do different activities such as shadowing, training, meetings, studying online courses, and also networking with colleagues from other teams within the organization.

What are your plans after your apprenticeship?

Once I finish my apprenticeship, I’m hoping to secure a permanent contract. I also hope to start a few business projects in my home country which will provide employment for others and help them build better lives.

What challenges do you face?

Since this is my first full-time job, I struggle with time management. Making weekly plans and prioritizing work, both within and outside of my job. Therefore, I’ve learned how to stay organized and have some tips for time management.

How did you hear about Black Professionals Scotland(BPS)?

Word of mouth. I heard about EBP through Enoch (founder). We met a few weeks before an event and he invited me to sign up. I felt very inspired by this event. Seeing other people with similar backgrounds and upbringing, offering very useful knowledge and advice was very inspiring.

Do you think other young individuals will benefit from EBP?

Young people will definitely benefit from this platform as it will provide them with very useful information and guidance that they wouldn’t easily get elsewhere. I highly recommend EBP as it is a great opportunity to meet new people and network with experienced people.

What are your professional goals?

My goal in life is to make a positive impact on people’s life. I want to be known as someone who inspires others. Helping people reach their full potential and most importantly, promoting peace and wellbeing across the globe. (Not really the ‘professional’ goal. How do you plan to achieve this?)

What are your main priorities outside work?

My main priority outside work is to keep in touch with my family and friends back home. As we all have busy lives, I try my best to keep in touch with people back home during my days off.

Is there anything you do outside of work which you really enjoy?

Outside work I enjoy keeping active. A typical routine for me is to run 5km, swimming, and sauna. I find this very relaxing and it’s a great way for me to challenge myself.

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