What A Story!

What A Story!

This testimonial really encapsulates one of the reasons why we started Black Professionals Scotland.

Hello, my name is Akosua Owusu. I’m Ghanaian and I just recently move to Edinburgh Scotland.

My Journey with black professional Scotland started when I was on LinkedIn looking for people to network with in my job search In the Financial services industry. l came across the Black Professional Scotland page and I connected with the founder Enoch and sent him a message.

He was kind enough to link me with a mentor who had a similar story to mine. Segi is a Nigerian lady who had moved to Edinburgh without any prior UK work experience and was able to secure a job in the Financial Services industry.

Segi was very instrumental and helping me with the job application process, tips and tricks on how to conduct myself during interview and just general guidelines and rules on how to go about the job interview application process in the UK since it’s quite different from what I was used to back home in Ghana.

I have been able to land a job working as an Associate Consultant in the Financial Services industry. That is what Black Professionals Scotland is all about, it’s about providing a support network to give you the tools and information necessary in finding a job, in excelling in your professional career here in Scotland and also it’s an amazing organisation.

I will tell anyone out there that networking is key in Scotland and indeed anywhere and Black Professionals Scotland definitely makes that possible.

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