Never Walk Alone!

Never Walk Alone!

Wait a minute, this isn’t about Liverpool FC!

Are you black and living in Scotland? Are you a black professional or student in Scotland? Do you plan to travel to Scotland someday to work, study or settle? You don’t have to walk alone.

A beautiful adage among the Yoruba people of Nigeria, Africa, says, “Snakes are killed so easily because they don’t walk in company”.

How true!

A lot of things can become needlessly difficult, stressful, and even impossible to do or achieve when we walk alone or are not in the right company.

Talking of the right company, do you know that the right company can grant you access to the right opportunities that you need to leverage for success in any of your pursuits? The networking, timely information, access, and trust that come with being with the right people have been catalysts to the success of a lot of people the world over.

Guess what? Black Professionals Scotland provides this much needed community/company for all black professionals and students in Scotland.

That’s good news!

With Black Professionals Scotland (BPS for short), you will never walk alone in Scotland.

It took me a while to hear about BPS, sadly, and I must confess that I walked alone before this knowledge. One of the things you want to do as a black professional or student in Scotland is get a job that will pay your bills or an internship that will empower you with skills and experiences for the UK job market. All these opportunities are freely and readily available at Black Professionals Scotland.

Registering with BPS – and, yes, registration is FREE – brings you to a community of experienced professionals who can guide you through the path of success in your chosen field. Not only will BPS grant you access to a world of great opportunities, but they will also take you by hand to walk you through – by walking with you – the path of success. The testimonials of members and beneficiaries of BPS speak for the organisation.

I was pleasantly surprised when the CEO and founder of BPS, Enoch Adeyemi, offered to help me prepare for a job interview, free of charge! Wow!

Did I also mention that BPS holds several events that sensitise and orient its members on life and living in Scotland and the UK in general?

BPS is a company you must keep if you don’t want to walk alone as a black professional, student or even a member of the ethnic minority groups in Scotland.

Are you someone who doesn’t want to go through the difficulty of walking alone as a black professional or student in Scotland, go here and register to join BPS today!

And like Liverpool FC, you’ll never walk alone!


By Samuel Bolaji

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