Personal Branding – Maximising Brand YOU!

Personal Branding – Maximising Brand YOU!


April 27


06:30 pm - 08:00 pm

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Black Professionals Scotland

Black Professionals Scotland is pleased to host a personal branding event to empower us to portray our best self.

We are pleased to host this 90mins Zoom event and we have 3 amazing speakers

Cara Dzivane joins us from Adeo Group and will take us through the following:

  • The “A,B,C”s of Linkedin profile set up
  • How to create engagement
  • Best practice of engaging
  • How to use personal branding to attract your ideal connections

Laura Bosworth joins us from Worket Consultancy and would give us tips on building the best brand YOU possible.

Janet Onyia joins us from Accenture and will be sharing her journey on how developing her brand has helped her in her career and beyond.

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